Meet tracy


I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Having received my esthetic education and advanced teachings in Arizona, I decided to make Charlotte my home in 2012 after living here for a brief time starting in 2007. 

I started TRU ESTHETICS in 2014, when I was contacted and given the opportunity to start my own business in a little studio that didn’t seem so little at the time, with no following or idea of what I was doing, I took the opportunity and close to 4 years later, here we are!  I've developed a wonderful following based on referrals and social media and by the Grace of God. 

What does TRU ESTHETICS mean? I came up with the name while brainstorming about who I am as a person and what I love to do. Esthetics is all things beauty, and the word TRU is who I am at the core, I am truth, honesty, and a "what you see is what you get" kind of gal. Also, my favorite words in the Bible are TRULY TRULY, only Jesus speaks these words. So I dropped the E to of course be unique and TRU ESTHETICS was born.  

I have become an industry professional, traveling all over the country to educate other Estheticians. I also hold a laser certification  and I am currently an area trainer for Dermaplan PRO.  I love to educate whether it is in the industry or to a customer.  I also love sourcing products and services not easily found in the area. 

Though skin and skincare is a passion and specialty, early in my career I quickly became known as a brow guru!  I've been blessed with having an eye for detail. Shaping brows is TRU art.  I want to shape your brows to fit your face, as no two brows are alike and I don’t do cookie cutter brows. Watching clients say “wow” when we are done makes my day everyday! 

 My hope and desire is for everyone to know that they are wonderfully and beautifully made.  I especially want women to know they are worthy. 

Where we go from here only God knows, I am His vessel and where He leads me I will follow.

In Christ and Only by Grace, 




The TRU team members are skilled practitioners dedicated to providing the highest quality care for our customers.


At TRU Esthetics, we want to provide you with services that allow our customers to look and feel their best while promoting health and wellness.  We are aiming to be the first eco-friendly spa boutique in Charlotte, retailing products that are natural, organic, and results driven, yet unique where you cannot find them anywhere else in Charlotte! 

We want to reveal your TRU BROWS, SKIN, and BEAUTY!

Tracy Martin; Owner of TRU Esthetics

Tracy Martin; Owner of TRU Esthetics