Effective January 1, 2022

Dear TRU Beauties,

It is a honor to be able to continue to serve you through the challenges and hurdles we have had to jump through as a society over the past couple of years.

It is no secret that operating and sustaining a small business is hard work, and when I say it is an honor to be able to serve you, I mean it. For each individual who has sat in my chair, continuing to support TRU, thank you. It is because of you we are able to continue to grow and share our mission of TRUth in Beauty.

With that being said, the economic effects of this time period has been everlasting on this industry, and as a small business owner my primary goal is providing you with results-driven expertise.

With that being said, effective January 1, 2022 we will be modestly raising prices for select services, as well as some product lines per the brands' request.  This will allow us to TRUly continue serving you and guiding you towards your healthy skin goals.

I personally thank you for choosing TRU Esthetics, and continuing to be a part of what we do. I wish each one of you all of the blessings this life has to offer you!

Tracy Martin, Owner

Educare School

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