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I have dedicated the past decade of my life to building TRU Esthetics, becoming more than an Esthetician but also a small business owner entrepreneur working to give all those that want a real change in their skin and brows a place to come and do just that!

Since 2014, I have been fortunate to travel the country educating and meeting other spa professionals, working along side some of the best and most influential, learning all I could about this industry and picking out what I believe is the most important with a focus to drive results and change.. Early on in my career I became known for my brow work and skin education. My eye for detail has also led me to designing one of a kind spas. I believe body health and skin wellness go hand in hand and I love sharing my passion for holistic body health and wellness to anyone that wants to learn more!

What does TRU ESTHETICS mean? TRUth in Beauty. I came up with the name while brainstorming about who I am as a person and what I love to do. Esthetics is all things beauty, and the word TRU is who I am at the core, I am truth, honest, direct in my approach of education and training, and I want to be of service.  Also, my favorite words in the Bible are TRULY TRULY, only Jesus speaks these words when He wants to convey the most important of messages.

My hope and desire is for everyone to know that they are wonderfully and beautifully made. That functioning healthy skin is achievable. And ALL brows can be helped! Come join the full TRU wellness journey with us!



I discovered that TRUth requires knowledge. Therefore, I traveled the country, learning, working, and growing alongside some of the most influential names in the spa industry to seek TRUth in all facets of beauty. I want all clients to embrace the concept that they can achieve the healthiest skin possible through outstanding facial treatments, results driven skincare, and learning more about their own wellness lifestyle.


To have all of the questions answered about your skin requires openness between you and your skin therapists. Transparency means being TRU to yourself when setting skincare goals and what you are willing to do to achieve them.


TRUst in the world of TRU Esthetics means believing in the methodology of proper skin health. It means you are willingly entering into a partnership with your skin therapist to create a daily wellness regimen.Finally, TRUst means letting go of past disappointments with beauty and being open to what is real and TRU. Beautiful skin means you must TRUst the process.


TRU Skin

We are here to educate and guide you and your skin in choosing facial treatments and home care that will achieve stronger, healthier skin providing change to help you look and feel your best. Our goal is to give you TRUly healthy skin!

TRU Brows

We specialize in professionally shaping, finding, arching, growing out, you name it we do brows the right way! 

TRU Beauty

We curate a selection of high-performing products that are professional skin grade that are applicable for a full range of lifestyle and skin concerns.